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Essential Oils 101 with Becca Bristow

January 4, 2018

Happy new year, friends!

Is it just me or could anyone else really use an extra week of vacation? I know the first week of January is notorious for getting everything organized after all of the holiday chaos but man, I am finding the transition difficult than ever this year! I did, however, take the time to write down a list of goals that I have for the New Year. Whether you’re a believer in New Year’s resolutions or not, I think that any excuse for a fresh start, new beginnings and setting new intentions sounds good to me! Incorporating essential oils into my daily routine was ranked high on my list this year so I figured what better time to share this much-anticipated post than now.

It’s no secret that essential oils are becoming widely popular in the health and wellness world and when we consider their wide range of benefits, I believe their popularity will only continue to grow in 2018. Essential oils can be used to:

  • Improve immunity
  • Cure illnesses
  • Promote sleep
  • Balance both mood and hormones
  • Cleanse and diffuse the air naturally
  • Make beauty and cleaning products

… Amongst many other things!

Then again, maybe you’re someone who is curious about essential oils but doesn’t really know where to start. If you’re reading this and raising your hand, this is the post for you!

I’m super excited to bring Becca Bristow to the blog to share everything there is to know about essential oils. Becca is a registered dietitian and pretty much an expert when it comes to health, wellness and of course, oils!!! You may recognize her from her YouTube channel, Blog, Instagram pages or if you’re like me, you might already be following all of the above. Becca has been an inspiration of mine for years and it was an honor to have her share her personal journey using Young Living essential oils.

I hope you find this essential oils 101 Q&A helpful and that you ultimately gain the confidence start using them in 2018!

How did you discover essential oils?

I had always been intrigued by using essential oils, and thought they were super cool since they were a natural alternative to artificial fragrances. I had picked up a couple from Whole Foods, but to be honest they did nothing for me lol and I just didn’t get all the buzz about them. A little while later, my friend was talking about how she uses Young Living essential oils and that they literally changed her life. I was super skeptical since I had tried oils before and they certainly weren’t life altering! But then I learned all about how quality is everything, and truly pure essential oils can be totally therapeutic and transformative. It was then that I grabbed my starter kit – and I’ve never looked back!

If you had to choose, what is your favourite essential oil and why?

Oh my it is SO hard to choose. Because I use all different ones for totally different purposes…to support sleep, energy, hormones, my emotions, tummy troubles, you name it. So I’ll name one for each category 😉 Sleep – lavender, energy – En-R-Gee, hormones – Progessence Plus, emotions – Valor, tummy issues – Digize. And then literally any citrus oil or peppermint to diffuse is heaven. See?? It’s SO hard to pick one!

Where do I start with essential oils? What are the three most common, well-priced and effective oils?

The best way to start is with a starter kit (how I got started, also the most cost-effective). It comes with 11 oils and a diffuser, so you’re all set! Three oils I would recommend to try that are well priced & effective would be lavender (for sleep, comes in the kit!), citrus fresh (to diffuse for energy, also smells amazzzzing), and Christmas Spirit (because it’s that time of year!) this blend is def effective at making you feel jolly and allll the holiday feels 🙂

What are the most common essential oils/blends to influence your mood and mindset?

Stress Away is amazing!! I got this one in my kit and am totally hooked. I can be extremely stressed or on edge, and just a few whiffs of this bottle can totally change my mood and mellow me out! Magic. Also, frankincense is great for focus, as it’s very grounding. (Also fabulous for skin, but that’s a whole other topic!) Lastly – Valor is one of my absolutely favorites. Literally confidence in a bottle (sounds crazy I know, but it works) and it doesn’t hurt that is smells heavenly.

Do you use essential oils in your hair care routine?

I don’t, but you totally can! You can add lavender, rosemary, and cedarwood to your shampoo and/or conditioner and it can be amazing for supporting hair growth! You can also make a spray with these & water to spray all over damp hair (just shake well before use). The only reason I don’t do this is because I have insanely thick hair haha and do not need any help in that department. However – when I have babies someday and have to deal with postpartum hair loss, you bet I’ll be thinking the gods for this totally natural hack!

Can you use essential oils to make non-toxic cleaning products?

You can! I personally use the Thieves household cleaner (also form YL) to clean pretty much my entire house, but you can make your own DIYs with vinegar, baking soda, etc..and infuse them with your oils. Purification is fabulous for cleaning (also comes in the kit) I literally diffuse it every time I clean the house, as it purifies the air and makes everything smell so clean and fresh. You can also use lemon & lemongrass in DIY cleaning products as well, and of course Thieves is great this time of year since it naturally fights off the nasty stuff going around.

How do I choose the right essential oils?

That’s a hard question to answer, since everyone’s body chemistry is some oils may be godsends to some people, while others won’t find them quite as powerful. For example, some people swear by Lavender to help their kids sleep at night, while others say Lavender is like caffeine for their kids, and may use something like Orange + Cedarwood at night instead. Crazy, right?? That’s why I think the starter kit is such a great idea – it comes with a bunch of oils, all for different purposes, and you really get to play around and find which combos you love and what supports you best.

Lastly, can you give us your typical night-time routine using essential oils?

Nighttime is one of my favorite times to utilize my oils!! The first thing I do when its time to call it a night is get my diffuser going in my bedroom – I always do a couple drops Lavender & Cedarwood, and then either 1 drop of Northern Lights Black Spruce or 1 drop Peace & Calming. I find that I am usually more on edge/easily stressed during the second half of my cycle (thank you hormones!) so that’s why I switch over to the big guns, aka Peace & Calming, during those weeks. After I take my makeup off & wash my face, I use an oily serum in my skin care routine – it has rose hip oil, and then Frankincense, Lavender, and Patchouli – all amazing for skin support! I have always been obsessed with skin care, but I kid you not my skin has never been this even in tone & glowy until I started using this! I will apply a little bit of Progessence Plus to my inner wrists & forearms (to support balanced hormones), a drop of Endoflex on my throat aka thyroid (awesome for adrenal & energy support), and then I will use my rollers. I have an Immunity roller that I roll on the bottoms of my feet & on my spine, and then a sleepy roller that I roll onto my temples, behind my ears, back of my neck, and on my collarbones. Sounds like a lot…but really doesn’t take much time at all! 🙂

A Take Away from Becca…

Lastly – I just want to share a quick note about essential oils that I had no idea about before. When you go to Whole Foods or hop on Amazon to grab some essential oils, they will say 100% pure & therapeutic grade on their bottle, but unfortunately that’s typically not true. Something I learned is that a company only has to provide 5% essential oil in a bottle in order to claim it is 100% – which is crazy, and why you can find them at much lower prices. The other 95% or so will be fillers and likely artificial fragrance. While these would be okay to diffuse..I definitely would not put these on your skin, like how I mentioned above. And you unfortunately will not get any of the therapeutic or transformative benefits from diluted oils than you would get from the real thing. I personally chose Young Living because of their Seed to Seal process, which no other company has, so I felt most comfortable with that company. Basically, they own all of their own farms and distilleries, are in complete control of the whole process, and are super transparent about it all! Long story short..if you want to start using essential oils, do your research!

xx Becca

Voila! Amazing advice right? If you want to know more, join me in following Becca’s Youtube channel, blog and Instagram pages where she talks about essential oils on a daily basis!

Until next time


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